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Welcome To World Institute Of Research And Development

World Institute of development and research is registered in a charity office of Commissioner of Government of Gujarat.

This organization's work has been covered whole India.

The board of director governs the organization which includes Chairman/Managing trustee, Vice chairman, Secretary and directors.

This institute works to identify working patterns, identify the needs & problems of poor and needy people living in villages and to help such people to bring economic sustainability.

More about us

Working Projects

  • Scheme to help for dead cattle
  • Accident policy in 1 INR
  • Loan to farmers for Seed
  • Small loans to farmers

Upcoming Projects

  • Free computer education and 500 rupees for stipend to villager
  • Bio Gas Plant in every village
  • Help to build Green House
  • Free Training on stitching(Stipend of 500 rupees)
  • Help to people to buy cattle.Help to start Stable for cattle.
  • For Animals - Ambulance service by doctor, no charge for doctors and medicines
  • 'Jivdaya' (Save animals from killing in 'Katal Khana'
  • Delivery kit free for poor ladies. (1 KG Ghee Amul,1 KG Ghor,1 KG Grain (Mug),2 KG Wheat flour,1 KG Kodari)
  • Nani loan- minor money loan
  • Relief camp for- Natural Calamity
  • Free sivan talim - 25 ladies in "Sakhi Group"
  • 25 Women in sakhi group- Free silai machine by loan
  • Foe Sakhi Group- Saving and loan suvidha
  • In summer- necessary are to put 'Thanda Pani ni parab'
  • Pooer children in government municipal school, slum area. Free note books, uniform and stationary
  • Limited loan suvidha- for farmer and poor people to animals- cow, buffalow, goat, camel, ox.